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Year 5

Year 5 Staff


Ms Hyman - TLA  Ms Sharkey - Class Teacher  Ms Stoneham - Class Teacher  Ms Goncalves - TLA  Ms Willat - Class Teacher

Hello and welcome to Year 5. We hope you enjoy looking at all our wonderful learning and experiences at Clapham Manor. In Thunberg, Ms Stoneham is the class teacher, along with Ms Hyman as the teaching and learning assistant. In Attenborough, Ms Willat is the class teacher, with Ms Goncalves as the teaching and learning assistant. Ms Sharkey is on maternity leave with her lovely daughter. Year 5 is an exciting year, packed with lots of new knowledge and skills, both academic and social. We focus on our Clapham Manor Pillars of Character throughout the year. We value resilience and aspiration, as we permeant the impact of these, as the children finish the primary education. There are many aspects of learning to be enthused by, particularly Ancient Greeks, our local area of Clapham and different religious cultures. Please feel free to look through our page to find out more!


Upcoming Trips, workshops and special visits:





Lambeth Academy Dance Specialist



Royal Observatory Greenwich

Lambeth Academy Singing and Drama Workshop

Lambeth Academy Moanna show


Surrey Cricket Club PE Coaching

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