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Digital Leaders at Clapham Manor

What is a 'Digital Leader'? 

The Clapham Manor Digital Leaders are responsible for supporting teachers and pupils with technology. 

How do you become a Digital Leader? 

Pupils have to apply to become a Digital Leader and should be able to demonstrate their interest, skills and expertise in the use of technology and explain why they would make a good Digital Leader. 

What does a Digital Leader do? 

Typically, things that may be performed by a Digital Leader could include: 

  • Test and review new ICT resources, including websites, software or new devices 
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers 
  • Set up ICT equipment in classrooms for teachers 
  • Support teachers in using ICT in the classroom 


What makes a great Digital Leader? 

To be a great Digital Leaders you need to be: 

  • Independent, trustworthy and classroom role models 
  • Confident at using lots of different programmes and devices 
  • Co-operative team players who can help others learn 
  • Enthusiastic, patient and reliable 

What will Digital Leaders gain in return? 

Digital Leaders at Clapham Manor will: 

  • Get even better at using ICT 
  • Have the opportunity to teach others 
  • Share ideas and influence the future of computing at Clapham Manor Primary School 
  • Trial and evaluate new equipment 
  • Have fun! 

For more information about the Digital Leadership Programme at Clapham Manor please speak to our Computing Lead, Mr. Saunders.