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Year 3

Year 3 Staff

Hello! Welcome to Year 3.​ 


We are so excited to be teaching in Year 3, an important year as they transition into Key Stage 2. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils feel happy, supported and challenged through quality first teaching within their classroom environment. By continuing to provide the foundations of knowledge through a carefully designed and enriching curriculum, we aim to empower children so they can critically apply what has been taught and build confidence and resilience. ​ 


Over the year, children will continue to build on their understanding of key skills in Maths and English whilst developing new knowledge across our wide and diverse curriculum. To name a few areas they will study, pupils will discover the impact that the Ancient Egyptians had, understand different religious beliefs and communities, compare geographical processes around different climates, explore key scientific topics on healthy living and forces, and develop other carefully sequenced skills and knowledge across Computing, Music, PE, PSHE, DT, Art, and French.  


With this, we will continue to grow children’s cultural capital through excursions and workshops, pupil leader opportunities, Global Learning lessons, school and class assemblies, concerts and plays, and varying competitions. One of the exciting extracurricular experiences booked this academic year is The Science Museum’s ‘Feel the Force’ workshop where children will enhance their knowledge around forces.  


By the end of Year 3, we are confident your child will have had an enriching experience which has built on their understanding of key topics and personally developed them as individuals who are equipped with the skills to have equal opportunity to succeed in life. ​ 


Please click below to see more information about our learning in Year 3. ​