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Nursery Staff 



Hello and welcome! 


We are so excited to be teaching in Nursery. We believe this is such an important year for your child as it is right at the start of their learning journey in Primary School. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils feel happy, supported and challenged. 


This year, the children learn from a play-based curriculum with daily focus carpet sessions when they are ready. The play-based curriculum, which we call ‘Busy Learning,’ supports your children to develop at their own rate and explore their interests across all 7 areas of the Early Years Framework. Our curriculum changes according to what we feel is going to excite the children the most and links to a key text.


From the very beginning, we aim to empower children with resilience; giving everything a go and knowing that our ‘marvellous mistakes’ help us learn. Throughout the day, we include regular story times to develop children’s love for books and reading and circle times to support their Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  


By the end of Nursery, we are confident your child will have had an enriching experience, developed their characteristics of learning and started their journey to becoming a lifelong learner.  


Below is further information that we think parents may find useful but please don’t hesitate to speak to us directly if you would like further details on anything.


Home Learning:

To get your Nursery child school ready, we encourage you to read with your child daily. You can start looking at sounds and numbers you see in the environment. Also, establishing a routine with your child before they head off to nursery, such as brushing their teeth at a set time and getting dressed into their clothes for nursery, will help them feel more confident and independent during their time away from you.


Trips and Events

In Nursery, we are hoping to book the following experiences over the year. Information about these will be provided to parents once bookings are confirmed. Parent confirmations and payments must be made via Arbor.

  • Spring: Chicks in Nursery  
  • Summer: Farm coming to Nursery 


  • Events:
    • 2nd Nov: Black Culture Celebration Evening
    • 18th April: Eid Celebration Evening
    • 22nd – 23rd May: Music Extravaganza


Parent Support: 

We value the offer of support from parents in any way. Parents have supported the school by hearing children read, volunteering in the classroom & for school trips, helping at whole school events, managing the library and many other fantastic ways. Additionally, parents have offered their time and specialised skills such as decorating corridors with engaging art displays or building structures for plants in the playground.

If you would like to support the school by purchasing equipment and resources, you are able to access year group wish lists and make orders directly to class teacher here: 

Please note, this is not an expectation of parents / carers to do.