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The Nursery Staff Team

We are the Nursery team who work to build a calm, happy and safe environment for all children to learn in. We provide a play-based curriculum centred around children’s interests which we refer to as ‘Busy Learning’. This balances adult-initiated experiences and child-initiated experiences. We provide a constantly changing curriculum based on the cohorts’ interests using both our inside and outside provision to its fullest protentional. To promote our ethos ‘arrive happy and leave happy’ we work in partnership with you to provide smooth from home to school.


Alongside ‘Busy Learning’ children also experience circle times at the end of each session which we use as a time to have adult-led activities that centre around the schools ‘Pillars of Character’ as well as the EYFS framework which are the foundations for creating lifelong learners. We always look forward to welcoming a new cohort and being at the beginning of their exciting new learning journey!




Tapestry is an observation platform, and all children are observed when they are doing ‘wow moments’

We classify a ‘wow moment’ as a time when a child has made a significant step in their learning. We enjoy that tapestry provides the opportunity for a complete picture of a child’s learning journey, and we encourage grown-ups to share ‘wow moments’ that happen outside of Nursery too!


What to bring to school?

Please provide your child with


Spare clothes, accidents happen!

Water bottle

Appropriate jacket

Sun hat


Lost property

Please ensure all your child’s things at school are labelled with their full name. They are only little, and it is a lot to remember every day!