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Year 6 Residential September 2023!


Lunch at the services followed by an eventful & surprisingly peaceful bus journey. lots of animals en route including horses, sheep, goats, and a giant moth (which was inside the coach & caused mass hysteria!)


Year 6 have arrived safe and sound, ready for a weeks long adventure!.


First Night was a great success. Teachers report that all children asleep by 11:30pm and no sound until 5am. Everyone woke up ready for a day of adventure. 




The Teachers were very pleased that we were all asleep by 11:30pm on our first night at PGL. After a huge breakfast, we braved torrential rain and gusty wind to use team work to climb Jacob's ladder and shoot each other with bows and arrows in archery tag!. After a delicious lunch of burgers and chips, the sun came out and we tried abseiling and practised our survival skills by making fires and dens!. Some of us did a blind folding sensory trail through the forest and also scaled a climbing wall. We are hoping that the rain stays away for our next activities.

Today, we braved more torrential rain and gusty wind to go canoeing - none of us fell in but we still came away soaking wet!. We also enjoyed  the walk through a field full of animal poo to get to the lake, we realised it's a bit different in Wales from Clapham high street!. We also tried our hand at Aeroball and challenged ourselves to jump from a high pole onto the trapeze!.

After a solid 8 hours sleep (finally!), we were keen to get going this morning. Unfortunately so was the torrential rain. We didn't let this deter us, however, and threw ourselves in to raft building, fencing and abseiling. Possibly our favourite part was the hot showers afterwards though!. It's our disco night tonight, so we are getting ready to put on our dancing shoes (even if they are covered with mud and cow poo!).

After a much anticipated visit to the PGL shop last night, where we bought enough sugar to last us a lifetime, we burnt off our excess energy by dancing the night away at the disco. This morning, we woke up early to pack our suitcases and prepare for our final activities. The sun finally appeared on our last day and shine down on us as we did sensory trails, survival skills, ziplining, abseiling and climbing. What a fantastic way to end our time at PGL.

The teachers are hoping we are exhausted enough to sleep on the coach all the way back to Clapham!

Students have left PGL safe and sound, on their way back to Clapham Manor. 

What an amazing trip it was, back again next year!.