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At Clapham Manor our mathematics curriculum aims to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be confident, fluent and flexible mathematicians. We believe that our approach to teaching mathematics must prepare pupils for secondary school and their wider lives in an ever-changing world. We promote risk-taking, independence, experimentation and questioning.  This is evident in the teaching of mathematics through the consistent focus on using and applying rich tasks which are used to teach new content and revisit prior learning.


We ensure pupils think mathematically, and gain an understanding of the uses and implications of mathematics today and in the future. Pupils should be equipped with an understanding of mathematical vocabulary which allows them to reason and justify. We aim for all pupils to be able to analyse errors, seeing correction of mistakes as an integral part of mathematics.


The key focus is teaching pupils to use and apply the knowledge and skills they are taught – this is reflected in the end points for each year being explicitly around the using and applying of knowledge in a range of mathematical concepts and problems.


For further information about teaching of this subject please download our curriculum map, core purpose statement and progression of skills document.