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Our English Curriculum at Clapham Manor aims to immerse children in a rich reading and writing environment, igniting a lifelong love of literature and developing the skills to read, write and speak effectively and through meaningful contexts.


At the core of our curriculum are carefully chosen, high quality texts that reflect the diversity of our community and investment made to ensure that the texts in our class and school libraries reflect our diverse community. We Immerse children in rich reading and writing opportunities, fostering a love of literature and exploring a wide range of quality texts to support both word recognition, comprehension and vocabulary development and writing skills.


Our curriculum map, based on the National Curriculum, aims to develop the skills needed to be a writer, including grammar and punctuation, through reading and writing. English skills are valued and nurtured from the Early Years where mark making and early reading begins to the end of KS2 where children are able to apply their English skills and knowledge across the curriculum and in real-life contexts.


The ability to read and write and articulate ideas is the key to access many areas of the wider curriculum and the world, and so English skills are embedded in context across the curriculum. We intend our children to leave our school able read fluently and with good understanding for both pleasure and information, have a wide vocabulary, write clearly, accurately and coherently, for different purposes and audiences and speak confidently in order to learn and explain their ideas and understanding.

For further information about teaching of this subject please download our curriculum map and core purpose statement.