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Welcome to the Reception Staff Team

Hello! We are so excited to be part of the Reception team at Clapham Manor Primary School. Reception is such an important year for children and we feel so lucky to be honoured with teaching them at this very precious time in their lives. In Reception the children learn from a play-based curriculum with some focus carpet sessions when they are ready. The play-based curriculum, which we call ‘Busy Learning,’ supports our children to develop at their own rate and explore their interests. This is a key for us as early years educators, as we believe it is vital to teach our children to their interests. Therefore, our curriculum always changes according to what we feel is going to excite the children the most. We usually have a topic which links to key weekly text that we focus on.  


From the very beginning we aim to empower children with resilience; giving everything a go and knowing that our marvellous mistakes help us learn. They learn how to read using our chosen phonics scheme; Read, Write Inc. The development that children make in Phonics through this scheme is wonderful and launches their reading and writing journeys and it is a pleasure being a part of the children’s growth and seeing their development. Alongside teaching Phonics, we also teach maths using the White Rose scheme that supports the children’s learning at the rate that they need and through this it deepens their understanding of number, getting them ready for Year 1. Throughout the day we also include regular story times as we know this is the time to foster the children’s love for books and reading.  


In Reception, we celebrate inclusivity through exploring who we are and identifying similarities and differences. We believe that it is important to incorporate diversity into the curriculum as much as possible. It is important to us that our children’s culture, background, and families are represented in their everyday learning. We achieve this by using a wide range of books and recourses that are inclusive and we dedicate time to different religious festivals. 


 In Reception, we strive to use the outdoors as much as we can to facilitate children’s learning. We have found that some children learn best when they are exploring our outside area or our ‘forest’ provision based on our Nursery site. For instance, we have found children enjoy their maths learning when we are weighing stone or counting the sea creatures in our stream. Throughout Reception, we dedicate circle time to our school values: the ‘Pillars of Character.’ We are proud of our Reception environment and Curriculum and like our children, we look forward to coming to school every day.