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Travel to School

Clapham Manor Primary School is committed to promoting active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel to and from school in order to:


  • Improve health through encouraging active travel and reducing harmful emissions.
  • Improve the environment through reducing congestion, reducing pollution and CO2 emissions and improving facilities for walkers and cyclists.
  • Improve safety through providing road safety education and bikeability training for certain year groups.
  • Improve access and opportunity by developing pupils' skills for safe and independent travel.


Walk to school

Walking is the simplest way to travel short distances like the walk to school. Walking with friends is a social activity which engages children’s minds before they arrive so that their brain is stimulated and ready for school. Walking also has many proven health benefits, one of which is the release of endorphins around the body. This results in the children arriving feeling good which then means they are in a positive mindset and ready to engage in their education.

Cycle / Scooter to school

Cycling to school helps young people to develop road safety skills and learn how to manage risk gradually. As children gain the skills they need to stay safe, they can develop independence, discovering strategies and solutions for getting about themselves.

Of course, an adult can always accompany younger children and help older kids get used to their route until they’re ready to go it alone.

We have cycle / scooter parking available for students and would love to see our shelters full. However, we still suggest that pupils bring a padlock of their own to use, all children should wear helmets when cycling or scooting. The school cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of any bike or scooter. Parents/carers are advised to include bikes/scooters on their household insurance.


Public transport

The school is very well served by a number of public transport routes. Children aged 5 to 10 years old travel free of charge at any time on buses and Tubes and London Overground services without the need for a ticket or Oyster photocard.