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Curriculum Core Purpose Statement

Intent of our Curriculum (What we aim to do)

We strive to ensure learning experiences for all pupils create a love and enthusiasm for learning, which leads to high aspirations and develops our children to be ‘world ready.’  We champion diversity in all its forms and provide our children with opportunities, to develop their sense of identity and place in the world through quality and creative experiences. 


Clapham Manor adopts our own ‘ASPIRE’ curriculum principles, which underpin all decisions about our curriculum offer and its implementation in the classroom. Our principles are:


  • Ambitious – Consistent high expectations of all pupils promote a ‘rising tide’ ethos across curriculum subjects, where deepening understanding and extending thinking is at the centre of learning experiences.
  • Specific – Our subject specific curriculum allows pupils to develop their knowledge and skills in specific subjects with the ambition to develop passionate and competent subject specialists.
  • Personal – All subjects develop pupils’ personal awareness of their individual place in the world and the importance of their different communities, both locally and internationally.
  • Inter-connected – All learning is connected and links where possible. This allows children to make connections in learning across year groups, subjects and units of work enabling knowledge and skills to be embedded and retained.
  • Relevant – Learning opportunities consistently challenge pupils to successfully reach their curriculum end points, become equipped for the 21st century world and prepare them for the next phase of their education.
  • Engaging Learning opportunities engage pupils, fostering their creativity and imagination.


Our ‘ASPIRE’ curriculum has been carefully designed to provide a broad range of subjects, with progressive knowledge and skills being taught within and across these subjects.  Fluency, the ability to apply skills and deepen knowledge is key and the sequencing of our curriculum ensures regular opportunities for children to revisit, recap and consolidate learning through a range of contexts. Our curriculum design and our focus on high quality teaching, ensures our children learn and remember more and have the ability to transfer the knowledge and skills they learn to their daily lives.


The cultural capital of our children is of equal importance. To ensure children leave with memorable experiences that inspire, enrich and broaden their minds, we plan opportunities across subjects and contexts to ensure a long-term view of what a Clapham Manor child is exposed to during their education journey from Nursery to Year 6. 


The Clapham Manor EYFS 'Key Knowledge' document outlines what we aim for all children to know and be able to do by the end of Nursery and Reception. We have designed the end points of our Key Knowledge to support with the transition to the next stage of education and have ensured that this knowledge links explicitly to our ASPIRE curriculum to ensure progression in knowledge and skills from the start of a Clapham Manor child’s journey. 



Please see follow the link below to see our complete Core Purpose Statement and our whole school Curriculum Map.

If you would like to know more about our curriculum offer at Clapham Manor Primary School, please contact our Curriculum Lead, Mr Hutton.


Contact through the school office:


Telephone: 020 7622 3919