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A Letter From the Headteacher

On behalf of the children, staff and Governors, I would like to welcome you to Clapham Manor Primary School. Our values are founded on the belief that every person in our school community has the right to enjoy happiness, freedom, safety, security and a sense of their own worth, because we are all different, but equal. Everyone has a right to be treated with respect and understanding and we do not tolerate any form of prejudice. We hope your child will be sensitive towards the needs of others and grow into a thinking and responsible young person who is able to contribute to and benefit from the diverse society which makes up our school.

We ensure that all pupils, regardless of race, class, gender, disabilities, special needs, religion or culture, have equal access to a broad, balanced, and differentiated curriculum and are provided with opportunities to develop their self-esteem, confidence, and full potential in a rich and stimulating environment.

Parents and carers are the child’s first teacher and Clapham Manor encourages you to participate fully in your child’s education. Close working relationships between parents, teachers and children ensure the best possible opportunities for achievement, progress and success.

The school is going through an exciting programme of initiatives. Our wilderness garden and other natural-world learning experiences are being used by all pupils and teachers as an embedded part of our curriculum. We are developing our gardens into beds to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs to be used in cooking lessons and in school lunches. Any surplus will be part of the upper school pupils’ enterprise and commerce activities by being sold at Venn Street Market. Our most recent building activity has been to create a science laboratory centred around food. This laboratory combines all the resources of a food technology room with the ability to do exciting food science projects and learning.

I know that we can work together to continue to make Clapham Manor the happy and successful school that it is.

R. Blackmore
Consultant Headteacher