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At Clapham Manor, the music curriculum aims to provide a high-quality, engaging and enjoyable curriculum that will inspire, engage and challenge our students, developing skills and techniques that will foster a love for the subject and its creativity. Music should provide opportunities for our students to express themselves and enhance vocal and motor skills, skills to experiment, invent and create. The music curriculum aims to encourage confidence and self-expression.   


The curriculum for music should be age appropriate with a consistent level of progression through the years covering the main foundations of music;  

  • Pulse             *Main focus in EYFS/KS1  

  • Rhythm         *Main focus in EYFS/KS1  

  • Pitch               

  • Tempo  

  • Dynamics  

  • Timbre  

  • Performance  

  • Composition  

  • Improvisation  


Our students, using these foundation skills should also be able to develop the skills to listen, understand and evaluate original recordings and music through the ages, different genres and styles and also works from respected composers – exploring this will allow the students to build up an understanding of historical and cultural development of music.   


Each year group will have different instrumental foci with an emphasis on performance and composition, inclusive to all and ensuring that it meets the requirements of the national curriculum and most importantly of the school’s cultural context. It is important in music to have a basis on performance to allow the students to their build self-esteem and to increase their social and academic skills. It is important in music to have an introduction to composition and improvisation, yet it can be overwhelming at first due to the amount of skills required, to have the confidence to have “just give it a go” attitude. The skills learnt should be flexible enough to open possibilities for further learning in different musical fields yet create the basics and foundations to use. (transferable)  


The music curriculum is well-planned to be coherent through the different phases, where each year there is a sense of understanding and achievement. The curriculum has been adapted to suit the students at Clapham Manor, making music education more relevant.  


For further information about teaching of this subject please download our curriculum map.