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Our policy is that all children should learn mathematics with enjoyment and understanding and develop the ability to apply maths in a variety of situations.  We aim to make children feel confident about maths by making connections and links between ideas, knowledge and the real world – through investigations, discussions and experiments.  Mistakes are seen as a crucial part of the learning process, giving an insight into what has been misunderstand or misinterpreted – these mistakes then act as a vehicle for the new learning to tackle the misconceptions and deepen understanding.


All the children follow the new National Curriculum and therefore have a mathematics lesson every day.  The children also have basic skills lessons every day, with a focus on rapid recall and basic number facts and calculation – these lessons contribute towards improving efficiency and fluency of calculation in line with the new national expectations.  Teachers use ‘Lancashire planning support’ alongside other resources to provide the children a rich variety of mathematical experiences and opportunities to use and apply their skills, which caters for a wide range of abilities.


Whole school Maths Days and Monthly Newsletter Challenges provide children opportunities to collaborate whist solving mathematical problems, particularly working alongside siblings and families to engage in mathematical activities. 



For further information about teaching of this subject please download our curriculum map and progression of skills document..