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Job Opportunities

All adults who work at Clapham Manor Primary School and Nursery are committed to growing brighter futures.

Job opportunities arise from time to time where members of our team move on to new posts in other areas or where we create new opportunities to better meet the needs of our children.

Vacancies are published here and on the Teach Lambeth website, sometimes they are also advertised locally and/or nationally.

Clapham Manor is an Equal Opportunities employer. We are committed to tacking discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity within the school and its wider community. We seek, through our policies and actions, to be an inclusive organisation at all times.

Current Vacancies

Thank you for your interest in a position at Clapham Manor Primary School and Nursery. We do not have any vacancies currently. Please check this page for any future job opportunities that might arise.

Lambeth Recruitment Information Booklet