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Information: COVID-19




As of 4th January 2021, the government have once again asked parents/carers to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

It is important to underline that schools, remain safe places for children. But the fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society.

We are therefore being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children - children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents/carers are critical to the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

  1. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.
  2. If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them.
  3. Parents/carers should not rely for childcare upon those who are advised to be in the stringent social distancing category such as grandparents, friends, or family members with underlying conditions.
  4. Parents/carers should also do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.

For further details and a full list of the children who are included in the vulnerable or child of a critical worker category please visit the DfE website: Children of critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings

For further information about COVID-19 related to education please visit the Department for Education Information helpline.  Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687 Email: Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

We thank you for your continued support,

The Senior Leadership Team at Clapham Manor Primary School and Nursery.

Our school is committed to keeping you informed about the public health situation in respect of Coronavirus. As you will appreciate, this is a rapidly evolving situation, but Clapham Manor Primary School has robust policies and procedures in place, based on the latest government guidance, to manage the risk of further infection, and we are taking a very proactive approach and monitoring daily the official guidance from Public Health England, the Foreign Office and the Department for Education. 

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