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Ethos and Values

We aim to provide the highest standards of education, in an inclusive environment, through effective learning and teaching for all, with a broad, balanced and personalised, relevant curriculum that includes all statutory requirements.  We value equity and inclusion and believe that in supporting all learners to become confident individuals able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives they will become lifelong learners and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society that deals effectively with economic, social and cultural change.

We will:

  • ensure that our school reflects and celebrates the diversity of the community and that everyone develops respect for all
  • recognise learners’ similarities and differences and provide creative learning opportunities that are tailored to ensure all learners reach their full potential
  • encourage and develop independent thinking, risk-taking and problem-solving skills, develop learners confidence and positive self-identity and ensure that everybody shows kindness and understanding towards others
  • ensure the efficient use of resources: human, physical and financial, in order to provide best value. We will also provide a safe, caring, happy and stimulating atmosphere within an aesthetically pleasing sustainable environment
  • provide inspirational leadership and efficient management, with effective communication at all levels. We will empower our children to gain these skills for themselves
  • continue to encourage team work amongst all the staff and stakeholders, promoting respect, openness and honesty, where everyone has a voice
  • maintain a committed educational partnership between children, staff, parents/carers and Governors. We will also further establish links with other educational providers and the wider community, including our collaboration of partner school
  • confident lifelong-learners positive celebrates diversity respect creative full-potential independent-thinking risk-taking problem-solving-skills confidence positive-self-identity kindness understanding safe caring happy stimulating inspirational-leadership empower-our-children encourage-team-work respect openness honesty everyone-has-a-voice partnership

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