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Inclusive Curriculum

As a school, we challenge any discrimination or prejudice against any minority group – this includes but is not limited to race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. Promoting respect for all and protecting the rights of all groups to be treated equally is not only the law (Equalities Act 2010) but is a value that all staff at Clapham Manor must uphold. We will be displaying the ‘Educate and Celebrate’ Code of Conduct in the school office and will be amending the home/school agreement to include this.’

Celebrating Difference – A Whole School Approach to LGBTQ+ Inclusion


Clapham Manor’s Inclusive Curriculum

  • Resources including film clips, books and reading materials reflecting all the protected characteristics, including – race, faith, gender, sexuality, disability and age will be used across a variety of subjects reflecting our ethos.
  • The use of literature, displays and resources with different families in lessons across the curriculum and as part of Relationships Education.
  • Studying significant individuals from communities who have experienced prejudice, including race, religion, LGBTQ+ and disabilities across the curriculum.
  • When discussing discrimination or British Values within P4C or circle time sessions  refer to the LGBTQ+ community as well as other communities or groups. 

 Clapham Manor Curriculum Policies now reflect our Inclusive Curriculum.

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