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All parents/carers who wish to apply for a place at the school need to take a tour of the school. For the next available dates and to book a place on a tour, please see below. At this meeting the Headteacher will explain Lambeth’s selection criteria and give you a tour of the school. At the end of the tour you will be given an application form if you are applying for a nursery place and information of how to apply for a place in Reception (see below).

Our selection criteria is the same as all other Lambeth Community schools, which is as follows:

  1. Looked after children.  A ‘looked after child’ is a child who is in the care of a local authority or provided with accommodation by that authority – according to section 20 of the Children Act 1989.
  2. Children with a brother or sister who already attends the school, and would not have left the school at the time of admission. A sibling is defined as a full/half/step brother or sister, living at the same address, a child who is living as part of the family by reason of a court order, or a child who has been placed with foster carers at that address as a result of being looked after by the Local Authority.
  3. Children with a professionally supported medical or social need that the school is especially able to meet.   Admissions decisions will be taken by Lambeth’s Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS) MEDSOC panel.  Letters from an appropriate professional must support these applications although these will not always be conclusive.
  4. Priority will be given on the basis of distance, between the child’s home and the school, measured by a straight line.

For further information on Lambeth’s criteria for community schools , please contact them directly or on their website:

Lambeth Co-Ordinated Admissions Scheme For Reception:

To establish a simpler admission system local authorities are now coordinating admissions for Reception children. If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31 August 2017, you must apply directly to your borough of residence by the 15th January 2021.

If you apply after the above date, you still need to complete the reception class common application form however, your application will be considered as a late application.

The booklet Starting School in Lambeth 2020/2021 is available from Lambeth Council, or can be downloaded by clicking here.

If your child is refused a place in this school or the school of your choice you can appeal against the decision.  The appeal form is available from Lambeth Council.

In Year Admissions:

All admissions are coordinated by the local authority.  If you would like to apply for a place in

  • years 1-6 at the school
  • a reception place after the school has started in September

your application is considered an in-year application.

To find out more about Lambeth’s in-year admissions procedure please contact them directly.

Applications for in-year admissions must be made using the primary school in-year Common Application form (CAF), through their home borough, even if applying for schools in other boroughs.

School Tours:

Due to the latest DfE guidance and the restrictions, school tours are currently suspended.

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If you have any further questions, please contact our admin team on: or call 0207 622 3919.

Starting School:

Before your child starts, a personal interview is arranged between the Head Teacher, the Class Teacher, parent/carer and child. This interview is to welcome parents, carers and children and also to exchange information and to sign our Home School Agreement. 

At Clapham Manor we believe that pupils achieve most when parents and school value and respect each other and share common aims.

We want to work with parents to promote our pupils’ achievements and success. 

Our School’s Aims agreement is to spell out what we expect of our pupils and their parents, and what they in turn can expect from us.

Information about our school uniform can be found here: School Dress Code

The Responsibilities Of All Staff:

  • know the children as means where they are in their learning, how they learn, what sort of people they are, and the best way to support them.
  • provide a balanced curriculum. This means helping children to acquire skills in reading, writing, maths, science and all the areas identified as necessary and important by Clapham Manor and the National Curriculum.
  • help children become independent learners. Encouraging them to think for themselves, develop their own opinions, and to organise their time and resources effectively, with support from the teacher.
  • help children develop as individuals, encouraging confidence, self-esteem and positive relationships with other children and adults.
  • form positive relationships with the parents of the children they teach, so that there is a shared understanding. Children learn best when school and home work together for the benefit of the child.

REMEMBER: Every child is different and the teacher is trying to do his or her best in all the ways mentioned above for up to 30 children every day.

The Responsibilities Of Parents/Carers:

  • To explain to the child what school is fora place for learning where he/she will be with other people and that means sharing books, equipment, adult attention and co-operating with others.
  • To help the child with his/her learning. This means showing an interest in what your child has done at school, sharing reading books, looking after and returning borrowed books or resources; attending parents meetings and open evenings to discuss your child’s progress with the class teacher and supporting your child with their homework.
  • To support the school. Any worries or concerns should be shared PRIVATELY with the class teacher in the first instance. Please don’t voice our concerns in front of your child or other children in a public place.  Make an appointment. We are always willing to listen and come to a shared understanding. If the parent criticises the school, the child will do the same, and this will affect his/her learning.
  • To send the child to school on timeevery day when she/he is fit enough to come, and to collect him/her if they do not go home on their own. Parents/carers will endeavour to avoid taking holidays during term time.
  • To send the child to school ready to learnChildren need to concentrate to learn, and therefore need to be fit and well, to have had enough sleep, to have eaten, and to be suitably dressed.
  • To communicate with the school any special medical needs, or any special circumstances at home that may affect your child’s learning.
  • To support the school’s policies and guidelines, e.g. Behavioural, Homework, Special Educational Needs and Attendance policies and School Dress Code.

Your Child’s Responsibilities:

As parents and teachers, we need to explain to children what is expected of them. Here are some examples of the behaviour we require from the children at Clapham Manor, in and out of the classroom:

    • To co-operate
    • To take responsibility for their own actions
    • To develop self-control
    • To be polite and well-mannered
    • To be honest
    • To follow our school and class rules
    • To respect the feelings of others, and learn to sort out difficulties without using physical or emotional violence.
    • To respect other children’s and the school’s property.
    • To listen when asked and wait their turn.
    • To work hard, not waste time and allow other children to do the same.
    • To try to produce their best in all aspects of school life.

All parties will be asked to sign the Home School Agreement 2020

This will be done at a meeting with a School Leader before a child joins Clapham Manor Primary School.