Parent/Carer Survey

“98% of parents and carers felt the school helps their child develop their skills in English”

writingIn October 2015 we asked you to fill in a questionnaire to tell us how you felt we are doing. 263 parents and carers completed the Questionnaire. This is the largest number of respondents we have had so thank you for taking the time to take part.

The vast majority of parents and carers remain happy with the work of the school and the responses to the survey were very positive.

What parents and carers said:
98% of parents and carers felt the school helps their child develop their skills in English and Mathematics and that ensures their child is well looked after.

97% of parents and carers agreed that their child feels safe in the school, is making good progress, is well taught, and they would recommend the school to another parent.

Most other statements scored at least 90%.

The statement that had the fewest number of positive responses was the ‘My child’s lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour’ at 82%.

Sometimes children join Clapham Manor from other schools. It always takes a little time for us to support them in being able to meet the high standards of behaviour we expect from everybody. On occasions, even after intensive support, we use the final sanction of permanent exclusion. This is rare but ensures that children feel safe and secure in the school and maximises effective learning. This year we have permanently excluded one child so that all the other children can learn well.

The surveys are just one way in which the school gathers views from important stakeholders.

There is a school council for pupils, teachers are available to meet with parents and carers, and there are termly forums for parents and carers.

Copies of the full reports of the surveys are available on request from the school office.superhero