Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Every Child To Succeed

Welcome to the page for Clapham Manor Primary School SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).

At Clapham Manor we make sure that every child will learn, develop and make progress. For some children there may be barriers to overcome upon this journey. The SEND team is here to help. Whether it may be social and emotional support, literacy, maths, communication, fine motor skills or any other physical need, our team is here to work with children and their families to plan and provide the support every child needs to succeed.

Ms L Burns is our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and you can contact her though the office on 020 7622 3919 or by email lburns@claphmammanor.lamnbeth.sch.uk. Ms A Grace is the Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion and can also be contacted via the office or directly on agrace@claphammanor.lambeth.sch.uk

There have been recent national changes within Special Educational Needs. The changes have enabled families and children with SEND to have more information and ownership of their support.

Prior to the changes, schools had a ‘SEN Policy’. This has been replaced by a SEND report which outlines the Clapham Manor Primary School offer for children with SEND in detail.

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