Pupil Premium


At Clapham Manor we are restless in our endeavours to ensure that all pupils achieve well and are empowered with the confidence, pride and ambition to take learning to the furthest possible point. Our aspirations for disadvantaged learners are realised by maintaining high expectations of all, providing quality first teaching through holistic and stimulating curriculum opportunities, critically and creatively identifying strategies for improvement and ensuring a robust understanding of the individual and unique barriers to achievement faced by pupils and their families. We are committed to fostering high self-esteem and a hunger for academic excellence, striving to ensure that every child’s potential is fulfilled.

The Pupil Premium Grant is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England. It was introduced in April 2011 to tackle attainment gaps between pupils from deprived backgrounds and their more affluent peers, addressing the existing inequalities and enabling the achievement gap to be narrowed or closed. These gaps persist through all stages of education, including entry into higher education.  The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to children from low-income families who are, or have been, eligible for free school meals (FSM), children of service personnel and children who have been looked-after (LAC).

Our School Context

No. of Pupils Eligible % of School Roll Eligible % of Boys Eligible % of Girls Eligible % of Pupils Eligible with SEND % of Pupils Eligible with EAAL
148 35% 41% 59% 25% 49%
  • Our school has above the national average of pupils eligible for pupil premium.
  • Our school has below the Lambeth average of pupils eligible for pupil premium.
  • Our school has high proportions of pupil premium learners that face additional barriers to achievement with EAAL and SEND: 49% of pupil premium learners have EAAL, 25% of pupil premium learners have SEND, 9% of pupil premium learners have EAAL and SEND
  • In all year groups, there is a higher proportion of girls eligible for pupil premium than boys.

From September 2016, schools are required to publish a Pupil Premium Strategy. This ensures that parents are fully informed about the amount of funding allocated, the barriers faced by eligible pupils, how the school will use funding to overcome barriers to achievement and how the impact will be measured. This will be systematically reviewed and tailored to meet the arising needs of our pupils throughout the year, with a final review of impact undertaken at the end of the Summer Term.

You can click here to view the Pupil Premium Strategy for the current academic year and see how the funding is being spent on raising standards and narrowing achievement gaps.

You can click here to see how the funding was spent for the previous academic year and what its impact was on those eligible and other pupils.