Nursery provision – Admissions criteria



Admissions Criteria

Nursery Admissions Policy

The places we have available are for children aged between two and five years of age. (Five years and one term is the maximum age a child can be when attending nursery as this is the statutory school age.)

We recommend that you apply to be put on the waiting list by the time your child is 20 months old.

Your child must be the appropriate age (or older) on the first day of attending the nursery.

All parents/carers who wish to apply for a place at the Clapham Manor Nursery need to visit the setting on a Monday morning at 9.20am. Please phone the school office to make an appointment on 020 622 3919. At this meeting the Head teacher will explain the admission criteria and give you a tour of the school and nursery. At the end of the tour you will be given an application form for your child and a copy of our admissions procedure

Application forms, once received are assessed against the selection criteria (which is the same as all other community schools) and placed on the waiting list until a place becomes available.


Our selection criterion* is as follows:

  1. Looked after children and previously looked after children: a ‘looked after child’ is a child who is in the care of a local authority or provided with accommodation by that authority – according to section 20 of the Children Act 1989.
  2. Children with a brother or sister living at the same address, who already attends the school or nursery and would not have left the school or nursery at the time of admission. A sibling is defined as a full/half/step brother or sister, living at the same address, a child who is living as part of the family by reason of a court order, or a child who has been placed with foster carers at that address as a result of being looked after by the Local Authority.
  3. Children with a professionally supported medical or social need that the centre is especially able to meet. Letters from an appropriate professional must support these applications although these will not always be conclusive. *
  4. Priority will be given on the basis of distance, between the child’s home and the school, measured by a straight-line.

If a place becomes available, it will be allocated to the next child who meets the selection criteria and is next on the waiting list. We will telephone you to notify you that a place is available. You must confirm within one week of receiving notification that you wish to take up the place.

Written confirmation from the manager will be given prior to the child attending the Nursery. If you are given a fee paying place you will then need to pay a non-returnable deposit of £200 to secure your place. This deposit will be deducted from your final account.

If you don’t follow this procedure the place may be withdrawn and offered to the next person on the list.

You are requested to pay fees a month in advance through Parenta as per our terms and conditions. Your child’s place at the Nursery may be at risk if you do not adhere to this method of payment.

The Nursery’s policies and procedures are available in the Centre for you to read at anytime. If you would like your own copy of any particular policy then please let your child’s key person know. Please be aware there may be a small charge for this.

Before your child starts at the nursery, a home visit is arranged for the childcare team to visit you in your home to fill out all the necessary paperwork and begin the ‘Settling In’ process.


 *We are one of Lambeth’s Enhanced Nursery Provisions. We receive additional funding and support from Lambeth Council to support children with complex developmental needs. If your child is allocated a place we will discuss with you the needs of your child and how we can offer support.

download a copy of the admission criteria here