School Uniform / Dress Code for Pupils



The ethos of Clapham Manor is reflected in our school dress policy and this has been built up over many years after consultation with pupils, parents, staff and approved by the governing body. Key aspects of this policy are based on affordability for all, a sense of community, pride and belonging, a respect for appropriate dress in a formal setting, as well as health and safety requirements.

Our school dress code states that cardigans, jumpers, sweatshirts and trousers should be navy blue. At the end of this reminder is a selection of suppliers who stock navy school wear.Items marked with * are available from the school office.

Embroidered uniform is available to order online from Please click the following link to place your order:

School Uniform Price List

Sweatshirt £9.00

White Polo Shirt £8.00

Blue Polo Shirt £8.00

Book Bag £5.00

PE Bag  £5.00

Rucksack £10.00

Please note: sizes are 3/4 years, 5/6 years, 7/8 years. 9/10 years, 11/12 years, XS (adult).

All Children Are Expected To Wear A Combination Of The Following Clothing:

White or navy blouse, t-shirt or polo shirt *
School sweatshirt or plain navy cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt
Plain navy pinafore dress or skirt
Blue gingham dress
Plain navy tracksuit bottoms or trousers
White or navy socks or tights
Shalwar Kameez in school colours
Plain black, flat, ‘sensible’shoes (no fashion trainers, no logos, flashing lights, patent leather, ballet pumps or boots). For early years we advise you to buy shoes with Velcro fastening. For safety reasons we advise girls’ shoes to have straps to keep them on the foot, e.g. ‘Mary Jane’ shoes. Plimsolls are acceptable.
Any hooded garments can only be worn outside.

PE Kit

White or navy plain t-shirt or top
Navy tracksuit bottoms
Training shoes or plimsolls

Hair and Accessories

Hair bands and beads must be kept to a minimum and in school colours only. No beads should hang down in the eyes or cover eyes.
Hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs are not allowed unless the school is provided with a medical reason from a doctor.
No logos are to be shaved into your child’s hair.For safety reasons, the only earrings allowed are small gold or silver plain sleepers and small studs (no diamonds).

Not Allowed

Jeans or denim of any kind e.g. denim skirts
Football strips
Clothes with logos or brand names
Baseball caps
Fashion trainers

Lost Property

When lost property is found it is put on the coat racks near the Bottom Hall. Please check your child’s coat rack first. All uniform must be labelled.

School Wear Suppliers

  • George at Asda
  • Next
  • John Lewis
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Marks & Spencers
  • Debenhams