Cyber Safety

Child Safety on YouTube

Please click here for a child safety fact sheet on YouTube for parents and carers.

Computer Games

Our children live in a time where many different home computer games are available to them and most children enjoy using these. Although there are many programmes devised specifically for primary aged children to use, there are programmes which are highly unsuitable for children to play or watch. Computer video games have 2 types of ratings the PEGI system and the BBFC. Only video games which are rated ‘3’ or ‘U’ are guaranteed to have content suitable for children of primary school age. Video games rated at a ‘7’ or ‘PG’ must be previewed by parents and carers in case the content is disturbing. All other ratings are inappropriate for the primary school aged child.

Some studies have shown a direct link between children playing violent games and then behaving aggressively. Other studies have shown a link between children using computer games and becoming less sociable and less academically able.

Young children often make sense of what they hear and see by role playing it out. We urge you to be very aware of what computer games are being played at home and whether your primary school aged child is playing or watching an older family member play a game that is designed for an older audience.

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