Clapham Manor Childrens Centre – Partnership with Parents


header_teamOur Centre’s are committed to working in partnership with parents to ensure children live healthy lives and reach their full potential.

It is our aim to:

  • Ensure that parents feel valued and respected in all of their dealings and communication with the Centre.
  • We develop a strong partnership between home and the Centre based on respect, trust, transparent working and honesty.
  • To value the contribution that parents have to make to their child’s development.
  • To develop effective communication systems between the child’s home and Centre to ensure parents are well informed about their child’s progress and welfare.

Our Centre’s will provide quality education, information and care for their children and ensure that parents are involved in all aspects of the Centre’s work and have access to relevant documentation outlining the policies and practices of the Centre and the development of their child.

For further information please see our partnership with parent’s policy, download here.

We actively encourage parents to get involved with the centre activities in order to support their child’s development and shape the center’s future development priorities.

Ways in which you can get involved:

Children Centre:

  • Attend stay and play sessions
  • Sign up for family/adult learning courses
  • Complete feedback questionnaires
  • Join parents feedback or forum sessions
  • Join the centres advisory board
  • Support fundraising initiatives


  • Ensure your child attends regularly and arrives on time.
  • Attend parent-teacher consultations
  • Share information about your child’s likes/ dislikes with your child’s keyworker
  • Support fun days/special events