Child Protection and Safeguarding

At Clapham Manor we are committed to the physical and emotional well-being of the children.  Safeguarding is at the heart of our school.

Our staff are trained in Safeguarding and we expect all members of our community (including parents) to be vigilant for the signs and symptoms of abuse, to pass information and to challenge any perceived lack of action that may put a child at risk. 

If signs and symptoms of possible abuse are observed, a social care referral may be made.  This is always in order to offer the very best support to children in order to keep them safe.  If a referral is made, the school will make every effort to inform the parents.  However, if the referral is regarding a child protection matter, the school will seek guidance over if, how and when parents are contacted by the school.  In some instances, social care may be the first point of contact for a family following a referral. 

Below is a very important policy – Child Protection and Safeguarding.  We urge all members of our school community, to take the time to read it and increase their awareness of Safeguarding.

Please contact Ms J Christofi (Assistant Head for Community and Pre-School Early Years) for further information, or George Smith (Family Support/Safeguarding Officer) if you have any concerns regarding a child.  Our school governor for Child Protection and Safeguarding is Clare Rooth and she may be contacted through the office.

Click here for the Child Protection and Safeguarding policy