Arts Council England Gold Artsmark

Clapham Manor has been awarded an Arts Council England Artsmark gold award for a second time, following a moderation by a group of art educational professionals .

The Artsmark is a national award scheme run by Arts Council England and it is awarded to schools in recognition of outstanding commitment to all forms of art. It is a benchmark for arts education provision, and to apply for it schools must prove that they provide opportunities for both  pupils and staff in all art forms (visual arts, drama, dance and music) within the curriculum and out of hours.

There are three levels of award:  Artsmark,  Artsmark silver and Artsmark gold.  Schools applying for the award normally achieve the basic level then work towards the gold. Clapham Manor has shot straight to the top!

For further information on the Artsmark awards, click here.

Quality MarkQuality Mark Award - logo for Primary

Clapham Manor was awarded the Quality Mark Award for English and mathematics on 1 March 2019 in recognition of its improving provision, practice and performance.
The Quality Mark is only given to schools which meet all ten elements below:

  • Has a strategy and a plan to improve children’s reading, writing and number work.
  • Assesses children to find out if they need extra help.
  • Has a target for improving basic skills in the school.
  • Has plans to help children improve the reading, writing and number work.
  • Reviews the progress made by all of the children.
  • Provides training for staff so that they can teach better.
  • Uses different ways of teaching based on what each child needs.
  • Has good books and other material to help their children improve.
  • Encourages parents to help their children with reading, writing and number work.
  • Monitors whether we are becoming better at teaching basic skills.

If you would like to find more about the scheme click here.


Healthy Schools Award

We are very pleased to announce that Clapham Manor has achieved “Healthy School” status in November 2006.

The accreditation is only given after a very thorough and wide-ranging audit of the school.

A healthy school not only provides healthy food at lunch and Breakfast Club, but makes the most of opportunities for physical education, offers mental stimulation and looks after the emotional well-being of children and staff.

Our support for Walk to School week and cycle training and our range of after school clubs have all helped us to win healthy school status.

Activemark logoActivemark

We are delighted to announce that in December 2006 Clapham Manor was awarded the Activemark 2006 for our sports provision.

The Activemark is awarded jointly by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) for “exceptional delivery within the National School Sport Strategy”.